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English will not be the most spoken language by Internet users for much longer, outside the Internet, Mandarin (Chinese) has already overtaken it according to Internet World Stats.

So don’t limit the reach of your website, expand it, the potential is enormous.

A multilingual website demonstrates you are thinking about the customer. That little extra effort shows you have thought and care enough about them to offer the website in their language. As with anything in business, if the customer thinks you care, they will want to do business with you.

For non-English speaking users looking for your product or service, you automatically capture their attention. For many customers, there is the issue of trust when it comes to buying over the internet, especially in a language they are not fully fluent in. Offering them their own language shows then what they are buying, how and who from.


A multilingual website is not just displaying your current website translated through Google Translate. As good as this may be, it doesn’t cover cultural barriers and particular issues with each language.


With every language added to a website there is the potential for an increase in sales. Even if a multilingual website is translated into a few of the major world languages, i.e. Spanish, French, German and Italian your target market growth exponentially . There are few other ways to get such an increase for such little investment.


We listen to our clients to get to know their requirements and their aims. That way we are able to suggest the best way forward.


As a one-stop-shop, we will create your web presence including all necessary things: domain name, hosting, web site, translations, …. leave it to us in the knowledge it will get done professionally.


After we build a web presence, we don’t stop working with our clients. Our aim is to grow together, there is always something to do so we offer support and advice when needed and fix any arising issues.

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